Why a Co-Working Space is better than Working from Home?

Why a Co-Working Space is better than Working from Home?

The impact of COVID-19 has revolutionized workplaces immensely. The emergence of remote working has made coworking the new normal for office setup. When it comes to remote working people require diversity in their workplace where coworking is considered the best alternative for working from home.

What is Co-Working Space?

Co-Working is an office arrangement where several companies occupy the space required. Once they are short spaces they can accommodate more workstations. This not only helps save funds and open new opportunities but also brings diversity to the workplace. Employees can work in a suitable and peaceful environment.

Co-Working Space vs. Work from Home

Working from home or in a coworking space has both pros and cons to it. Below is a detailed comparison between the two.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Advantages: Working from home gives you several advantages.

By working at home, you don’t need to worry about the utility bills you have to pay when you go to the office; the parking fees and the time it takes to travel will be saved.

Secondly, you don’t have to take care of your dressing. Hence, you can save a lot of funds spent on your clothes and other necessities.

Thirdly, you can also take breaks whenever you like and work at your own pace. So, if you prefer to work at night you can choose to work after night falls.

Lastly, for parents, working students, or anyone else who needs to manage multiple roles, this flexibility can be a lifesaver. They can work according to their schedule. Staying at home ensures more family time.

Disadvantages: Working from home also has drawbacks.

Firstly, the household tasks occurring in the background can cause you to lose focus on work. It can prove to be a hindrance between you and achieving your work deadlines. According to research by analytics firm Humanyze, online shopping, gaming, and playing with our pets are the main pastimes that divert us from the job at hand.

Secondly, Working in a homey environment can cause you to lose interest in your job. The lack of discipline and odd working hours can result in laziness and you will lose motivation.

Lastly, there will be less number of opportunities for you. Working in a community environment brings the privilege of understanding the diversity in workplaces.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Working Space

Advantages: Working in a co-working space has its benefits.

Firstly, you will meet aspiring professionals at coworking spaces. You will get introduced to several professionals. They are also cost-effective.

Secondly, coworking spaces usually host events and other activities that can increase your interest and experience. This can cause a boost in the number of opportunities for you.

Thirdly, they are better than traditional offices because of the diversity in the workplace. They are usually open 24/7. You can switch your surroundings according to your taste.

Lastly, they are a lifesaver for freelancers who can book office space whenever they need to work. Coworking spaces are making it possible to work while traveling and motivating us for entrepreneurship. They give stability to your working routine and reduce loneliness for remote workers.

Disadvantages: Working in a co-working space also has disadvantages.

The disadvantage that coworking has over working from home is the cost of rent and utilities you need to pay for accommodating a coworking space.

Also, you do not have control over who sits next to you. For instance, the person next to you can be engaged in a loud argument while you are trying to focus on your work.


When you need to choose between a coworking space or working from home surely the answer depends upon the individual’s needs and priorities. If you are an extrovert working from home might be a dull option for you.

In most cases, the Co-Working spaces are preferred over the work home. The benefit of working hour flexibility, increased productivity, motivation, networking, and socializing opportunities make it a better option to choose. So, if you want a change from working from home, check out a coworking space near you.

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