5 Best coworking spaces in Islamabad

5 Best coworking spaces in Islamabad

  • Cowork24
  • Regus
  • Daftarkhwan
  • Twin Hub
  • The Desk

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, surrounded by the enticing Margalla Hills. The city’s architecture is a mix of classic and modern styles. Islamabad has a number of cultural and literary festivals, art exhibitions, and sports events throughout the year. In addition, a number of national and multinational firms have their headquarters in the city, which employ people from all over the country. Coworking has been increasingly popular in Pakistan in recent years. Small firms, freelancers, and other professionals can use coworking spaces to work, network, and participate in the local business community. Here is a list of Islamabad’s top 5 coworking spaces!

Cowork24 (Coworking space):

CoWork24 is Islamabad’s most affordable CoWorking space, open 24 hours a day. CoWork24 creates an environment that increases productivity, innovation, and collaboration. Our place gives you better access to innovators, innovations, talent, and reduced rental costs.

Our services include fully equipped rooms that can be booked for meetings, conferences, and events with 24/7 access, High-speed internet, a business address, equipped kitchen, a restful area, and an office boy. Also, you can get a dedicated workspace, etc.

Have a look for yourself: https://old.cowor24.pk/cowork

Regus (Co-working space):

This coworking space, in the heart of Islamabad’s bustling commercial district, offers an opportunity to be inspired while working in a modern, intelligently planned, and well-managed environment.

There are several membership options available at Regus, including Office Space, Coworking Space, and Virtual Office. When needed, there are Meeting Rooms that can be reserved. Internet access, parking, a lounge area, meeting rooms, and more are all available.

Have a look for yourself: https://www.regus.com/en-gb/pakistan/islamabad/emirates-tower-3206

Daftarkhwan (Co-working space):

Daftarkhwan, commonly called Daftarkhwan North, is a neighborhood in Islamabad’s sector I 10/3. This is an “open-concept” coworking space that provides flexible office solutions for individuals, small teams, and large corporations, as the name implies.

They provide a dynamic, digitally equipped workspace for entrepreneurs and professionals. Its mission is to bring individuals from all walks of life together and provide them with the greatest services and infrastructure for cooperation and community building. Their features include high-speed internet, a reserved seat, a meeting room, a conference room, and event spaces.

Have a look for yourself: https://daftarkhwan.com/north/

Twin Hub (Co-working space):

Twin hub is a centrally located, modern, and economical coworking hub in the I8 sector of Islamabad.  Their purpose is to create an environment that allows you to focus on what’s really important, getting your work done and meeting interesting people. All in one place!

Several opportunities are available in Twin hub like modern open design shared space, flexible timing like you can operate any time in the day. Flexible timing for meeting and conference room. The best solution for startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are to work in a good social network.

Here is a look for yourself: https://www.twinhub.pk

The Desk (Co-working space:
The desk is a sustainable, professional, and strategically located coworking space in the I9/3 sector of Islamabad.The Desk’s objective is to provide the best facilities, amenities, and features all under one roof. The desk is a professional platform for fledgling entrepreneurs, long-term freelancers, overtime employees, and other forms of independent and self-employed professionals that are building a brilliant community. We’ve created a space that not only helps you grow but also delivers you more value for your money than any other coworking space in Pakistan.

This CoWorking Space in Islamabad is fully equipped to meet your professional needs. Our interiors are custom-designed to meet the newest ergonomic requirements of today’s workplace. We recognize the value of a quick and seamless online experience, so we offer uncompromised internet speeds, as well as separate Wifi and Ethernet access points. All of our rooms are air-conditioned and have backup generators, ensuring that you stay focused and alert in a well-maintained comfort zone.

Here is a look for yourself: https://thedesk.pk

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