Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

As the world progress, many people move towards self-employment and businesses. Although a big business starts from small and there are not much successful women in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Women are not much motivated towards self-employment and business. You can see past year just small percentage even 0% of women holding business and top management startups. But as the world progress, women in Pakistan hold a stand for businesses and startups. Like previous years were not showing any records of Pakistani women entrepreneurs in Business and Technology but now female move on and went into entrepreneurship.  

Top women entrepreneurs in Pakistan:

  • Jehan Ara:

     Jehan Ara is one of the famous businesswomen in IT. She is serving as president of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITeS since 2008. She is a mild activist, entrepreneur, motivator, and a good communicator. 
  • Salina Haroon:

     Salina Haroon is one of the famous business advisories. She plays a vital role in telecommunications and technology. She is the editor-in-chief of the “Pakistan CIO” magazine, which is printed in different countries including Pakistan. She is the creator and director of Communicated Collective. 
  • Sheba Najmi:

     Sheba Najmi got her BS and MS degree from Stanford University in Symbolic System where she studied Human-computer interaction. Sheba is one of the famous successful businesswomen in Pakistan. She began her carrier as an anchorperson and journalist at Indus Television. She is also become a part of the “American Code” and has become a member of several famous projects such as “Honolulu Answers” and “Urban Social Media Handbook”. 
  • Salma Jafri:

     Salma Jafri makes videos of Content marketing tips and also an entrepreneur video blogger. She also an advisor for solopreneurs, small business owners in which she gives small, insightful, and immensely actionable content marketing tips that will give a positive effect on your business.
  • Maria Umar:

     Maria Umar is a famous trainer that provides training for women in business. She is the Creator and Leader of the Women’s Digital League. She has been working for Women empowerment and mentoring. She was also nominated a thought leader by “Ashoka Changemaker”.

Female CEOs in Pakistan:

  • Masarrat Misbah: 

    Masarrat Misbah is a beauty entrepreneur in Pakistan, a famous beautician, and philanthropist. Her personality reflects in her love for beauty and most important her support, warmth, and sensitivity towards those who lost it like acid attacks and burns. She decided to establish an NGO and in time laid the basis of the Depilex Smile again Foundation in 2005. She was also honored with the Presidential Award for Pride Performance in April 2010.
  • Sima Kamil:

     Sima Kamil is the president at UBL. She is the first woman that leads a major Pakistani bank. She is a path maker for many banking sectors of the country. She has started her profession at American Express Bank and went on to work at ANZ Grind lays and Standard Chartered. She proves that this woman is the real deal by bringing more than three decades of experience with her.
  • Sultana Siddiqui:

    She is a director at Hum Network. She started her career as a producer at PTV and Karachi Studios in 1974 later on she founded Hum Network that became one of the top 25 Companies by the Pakistan Stock Exchange in 2010. Then she has moved on to make HUM TV one of the most-watched television channels of Pakistan.
  • Naz Mansha:

    She is a CEO at Nishat Mills Ltd. She started the concept of Nishat Linen and Nishat Mills by starting a home furnishing stitching concept and later on she built it into the empire of Fabric. Now, she is a true power of the woman.
  • Shehnaz Basit:

    Shehnaz is a COO at GulAhmed. Shehnaz Basit is a woman that no one forgets in the fashion or textile industry. She is also an advocate of women’s empowerment and brings her a profession of almost three decades at GulAhmed. She is a source of inspiration for women in Pakistan and has also proven her powers as the Chief Operating Officer time and again.

We can see several entrepreneurs in Pakistan. As women in Pakistan also faces other problem about society and culture. There are only 1% female entrepreneurs in the competition of 21% men entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Female entrepreneurs in Pakistan are recent in boom although most of them face hurdles in their passion of being one of the famous businesswomen in Pakistan at last, they also become mentor and women empowerment for other women of Pakistan. 

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